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Atypical Dementia

Changes and challenges that interfere with daily living.

  • 6 hr
  • Priced per service
  • Location: TBD

Service Description

There are Atypical Dementias that are very confusing to folks. These impairments affect movement, cognitive processing, memory, behaviors, etc that interfere with daily function and relationships. From extensive experience identifying Atypical Dementias, we help you understand what is happening and know treatment and care options. These are specific dementias that have been identified for our clients over past 20 years: FrontoTemporal dementia FTD Lewy body dementia LBD Multiple System Atrophy MSA Parkinson's Disease PD Progressive Supranuclear Palsy PSP Pseudobulbar Affect PBA Primary Progressing Aphasia PPA Vascular Dementia VD Alcohol-induced dementia Posterior Cortical Atrophy PCA NOTE: Geriatric Planning professionals are not qualified, nor do they offer any diagnosis. Documentation is provided to your PCP/specialist for accurate diagnosis.

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Memphis area / North Mississippi

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